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Zolotarev Vladimir Mikhailovich
  • Phone
    +7 (921) 888-33-03
  • Work place
    Russia, 199034, St. Petersburg, Birzhevaya liniya, 4, lit. M, 220Б


I was born in Leningrad in 30.12.1935. I have graduated from school in 1953 and I have come to IGMO, I have finished in 1959. It is directed to work in GOI of  S. I. Vavilov.  In 1967 I have defended the master's thesis in "Optics", in 1972. The solution of VAK has approved in an academic status the senior research associate, in 1982. The solution of VAK has awarded degree of the doctor phys. -  mat. sciences in "Optics", in 1986. The resolution  Council of Ministers  of the USSR has awarded Award CM of the USSR for development and serial release the refraktometricheskikh of devices. In 1985 I have passed to work into LITMO where 18 years I managed department «Spectral and opticophysical devices». Currently working at the Department of «Оptical materials and technologies».

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