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Ivanov Sergei Aleksandrovich
  • Phone
    +7 (911) 0163171
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    Russia, 199034, St. Petersburg, Birzhevaya liniya, 4, lit. M, 414
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    Google Академияykkapoh@gmail.com, ResearchGatesergei ivanov


Ivanov S.A. has MS degree in photonics and optoinformation in the ITMO University. He started work in field of holography as a research assistant in 2009.  This work was dedicated to investigation of photo-thermo-refractive (PTR) glass and its holographic characteristics. Since then he took part in R&D projects at the department of photonics and optical Information technology. He took part in research work at PTR glass chemical composition optimization. His master diploma was at development of holographic collimating gun sight and he got patent on the results of this work. After receiving MS degree in 2013 he started his PhD work at “investigation of optical and laser properties of PTR glass doped with rare earth ions”. Besides that, Ivanov S.A. works on several tasks such as: improvement of PTR glass, development and manufacture of different holographic optical elements, laser diode stabilization and solid state lasers with DBR and DFB schemes.

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